Konstantin Kulakov is a Russian-American poet, writing coach, and content writer born in Zaoksky, former Soviet Union.  He is the recipient of the Greg Grummer Poetry Award judged by Brian Teare and holds a Master of Divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary in New York. Kulakov's debut collection of poems, Excavating the Sky, was published by Dialogue Foundation Books December 4, 2015 with drawings by Romanian artist Adina Larisa Sufana. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Spillway, Phoebe, Harvard Journal of African American Public Policy, The Christian Century, Tidal Basin Review, Exposition Review, Takoma Park Voice, Tule Review, and Ghost Town. Select poems have been translated into Russian, including a forthcoming translation into German. 

With three generations of Soviet dissident pastors in his bloodline, questions around social justice, spiritual health and technoscience are indispensable part of his work in poetry. In the summer of 2016, as Community Minister at Judson Memorial Church, he launched a diverse panel on Art and Activism, featuring Rev. Sekou, Amin Husain, Sarah Browning, Rev. Micah Bucey, Rev. Je Exodus Hooper, Alfonse Borysewicz, Natasha Johnson, and Mariame Kaba. He also served as poet in the art collective, The Waterists, performing multimedia collaborations with composer Toby Twining, painter Alfonse Borysewicz, dancer Darla Stanley, and tenor John Bellemer in houses of worship, art galleries, and schools. Currently, he freelances as writing coach, preacher, and content writer. He divides his time between New York City and Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic. 


Konstantin Kulakov
Washington Heights Basement,  2017
Watercolor on inkjet paper
(An intermittent dabble into watercolor via
grandfathers lessons in sketching techniques, proportionality, and perspective.)

"But this winter night, my feet touch
chilled cement in honor

of firm gravity... In my room,
I punch in letters, mixing words

to bring-out sparks. And it is You, Yahweh."

from Excavating the Sky
Dialogue Foundation Books, 2015