by Konstantin Kulakov

Advent Prayer: Sunday, the 29th of November

O Glittering Silence, as the sun abandons us for
shorter days of grey, as violence, thought or wreaked, hangs

in the stinging air, we enter near-snowy darkness,
cleave for holiday radiators, expecting something greater

to be born to us―from within the Womb of Earth.
O, let us go inward, let us be ready to face each other,

ready to receive and shape the Edge-of-Sun Hope, breaking-
into scant Bethlehems, both within us and in the streets,
                                                                across the heavy city.


Advent Prayer: Sunday, the 6th of December

O Way-Out-of-No-Way, our bodies are heavy;
          the weight of violence is again upon us.

Whether we are lulled by the saccharine of holidays    
          with its flash-bulb triumph,

or left to touch the suffering of loneliness,
          we cannot bear our own humanity--

Help us to know You are closer to the clockworks
          of pregnancy--the ripening pain of it-- than the

expedient trigger of steel, the quick-click of the algorithm;
          Help us to know and carry whatever

is Young and Living within us, the black earth mixing-into
          moon-color slush: the green-scent of the New.