Copyediting: Olivia Gregory
Illustrations: Adina-Larisa Sufana
Book design: Vanessa Maynard
Photographer: Jared Sisken

Dialogue Foundation Books
ISBN: 0692466363
Length: 60 pages

December 4, 2015


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SIGNED COPY + ILLUSTRATIONS by Adina Larisa Sufana on cream paper

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In his debut collection of poems, Excavating the Sky, Konstantin Kulakov labors to relate the inner spirituality of his Russian background to the fragmentation of a market-driven New World. Whether it is his Muslim-Christian relationship, his dance with natural science, or his struggle to expose continued US raciality, Kulakov seeks the contradictions in everything, "mixing words to bring-out sparks." At once lyrical and visionary, personal and political, what emerges is a spiritual language that resists the exclusionary tendencies of the 21st century and offers subtle flashes of possibility. Throughout, there is breaking, but there is also unfolding—

Illustrated by Romanian visual , Adina-Larisa Sufana

Praise for Excavating the Sky

"A promising new voice... Kulakov is clearly eager to grapple with his own faith—and with the faith of others...honest, evocative verse..." Kirkus Reviews

“Konstantin Kulakov is a genuine poet – with a subtle intelligence and lyrical power. Excavating The Sky is an artistic gem!” Cornel West 

"[Excavating the Sky has] an unusual sensibility capable of bridging influences as unlikely as Mayakovsky and the Bible." David Rosenberg, co-author of the New York Times bestseller, The Book of J (with Harold Bloom) 

"Kulakov's is a voice to be reckoned with, in his prophetic stance, in the power of his language, and in his linkage of poetry with the life of faith... These are brave, bold poems, excruciatingly beautiful..." Jill Peláez Baumgaertner, Poetry Editor, The Christian Century

“[Excavating the Sky] exhibits genuine tolerance and an openness to experience that blends past and present in its own imaginative vision...striking and beautiful.” Stephen Bronner, author of The Bigot: Why Prejudice Persists and Critical Theory: A Very Short Introduction

“[‘Keats by Glenomont Metro’] restricts itself to so few notes and picks them out one by one…the meditative mind bound to the world by fear, desire, and mortal knowledge." Brian Teare, author of Companion Grasses (Slate’s best poetry books of 2013)